Mike Tohr

bookings: nessa@fairbookings.be
personal : jonasvanbael2000@hotmail.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/miketohr

His music always reflects his love for the deep & emotional melodies. June 2012 the german label Delude Records discovers his talent and 2 months later Mike's "When Autumn Falls" EP was coming out. At the moment he already released several EP's on different labels like Adro rec, L3D music, Neglected grooves, Delude records & Zwartkrijt. Mike already doing some remixes for David Lacroix, Warmth, Tom Almex, Vivl and got some great response from artists like Fernando Ferreyra, retroid, Micrologue… (to be continued).


An after noon party concept that has more to offer then just party. People come together to eat, drink, swim, dance, listen to the music or just meet up with friends.



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