18 Years Kozzmozz


Tonight techno shaked the Belgian landscape with various high quality parties. Two of the biggest organizations had their anniversary installment, and the funny thing is: they didn’t know it from each other until their promotion started. In Antwerp Hertz had their 3rd anniversary edition, and in in Ghent Kozzmozz celebrated their 18th birthday, moving from de Vooruit to the Artcube for a 2 room edition. Keeping in mind that both would be enormous parties, it had to be a hard choice for the techno lovers among us. I chose for the latter and went to Kozzmozz. The past years each edition was selling out before the doors opened, and that fact applied to this edition too.


The venue was decorated in the known style of Kozzmozz, with small details referencing to spaceships as that has always been their theme. The main room even got a led wall on stage, picturing the name of the artist playing or the Kozzmozz logo, with minor visual effects. As for the sound, the guys of Soundsystem did a very good job. The Artcube has the reputation of having bad acoustics, and knowing that, Soundsystem had a very hard job to make sure that the sound would fit the high needs of Kozzmozz. Both rooms had a Funktion One sound, which were fine-tuned as good as possible, to deliver the best experience in this venue. That really was a success: a clear and crisp sound, banging through the rooms, without being disturbing for the ears.


The opener of the night was the former resident of Kozzmozz: T-Quest. High paced techno with a old school feeling: perfect to get the party started. The atmosphere was already very alive and kicking, and the crowd was slowly filling up the room. Around midnight the second room opened with the Argentinian artist Jonas Kopp, who played a vinyl only set. His productions are top notch and so was his set. With a slower tempo than the main room, where Slam started around 00h30, the people were pleased with a mix of tracks that are on par with his productions. The veterans of Slam however, brought a set existing of old bangers and newer tunes, following up T-quest his set with a good performance. At 2 AM the artist most people were looking forward to took over the decks: Pfirter. Acknowledged as one of the best techno artists of this time, the Argentinian guy had to make sure why he got that reputation. Dark, pumping techno filled the room with an ecstasy that wasn’t from this earth: it was like Pfirter was a sorcerer, casting hypnotic spells on the people with his mix. The people went wild with every tune he dropped, and that was only the right thing to do. Even when the rest of the line-up didn’t yet perform, it was a sure thing that Pfirter played the best set of the night. In the second room the Singaporian artist Xhin was performing a set which was conform with the style of his music: experimental, sometimes off-beat and containing some funky influences. Although not for everyone, the mix was technically very decent. People that like techno with a twist would be very pleased with this performance.



At 03h30 one of the godfathers of techno, Dave Clarke, continued with the night in the main room, that was very satisfying until now. Acid techno mixed with new vibes perfectly summarizes his set, reminding the people what a skilled dj he is. It sounded very nice, but it couldn’t possibly get better than Pfirter’s set. At the same time CLR’s Brian Sanhaji performed live in the second room. Being the only live set of that night, there was actually nothing to compare it with. But in comparison with the performances people had heard already, this one was as powerful as the others, keeping up with the tempo of the night. Finally the main room got closed by resident and Token representative Kr!z and the second room ended with a set of the big boss Spacid. Both brought killer sets, and when Kr!z played the final tune of the night, people went mad because the party was over.


What would you expect? A night filled with stunning performances in both rooms, where no artist was disappointing and where the crowd got value for their money, with an atmosphere that’s unique to Kozzmozz, should last forever. Did I mention that it was really too hot and too crowded inside the venue? These little details might be the only disadvantage of the party, but further from that fantastic, amazing or any other synonyms would describe the night perfectly. The people that weren’t there really missed out and the people that attended will agree that Kozzmozz delivered as they always do: this was a party many people won’t forget really fast, and that’s only justified.

By Pumpie

Pics by Bram Voeten photo

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