Anti Matter Invites SlapFunk Records


After a couple of episodes of the Fenix series inside the black magic room, Anti Matter has hit Kissinger (aka Gory’s Residence) once again. This time they invited a quite interesting house

label from the Netherlands named SlapFunk Records, which protects the raw character & brutal attitude inside house music. Label boss Samuel Deep and his feline companions De Sluwe Vos & Larry De Kat were more than glad to come on over and play during this event.

Kissinger has been put in a stylish interior with the Fenix logo present en blue led strips attached to the ceiling. Think of a Star Trek meets classy techno get-together. The fact that recently the smokers room became obligated, didn’t decrease the vibe one bit. Security also got tightened probably due to the increased popularity of the club and to maintain a good time out in the city of diamonds as well as the rest for the neighbours. During the opening set of Kohn there were barely any people, which gave him a tad lonely set and that’s probably the reason it had more a kind of arousal you receive with lounge music. The night had still yet to unfold.

With Arno Lemons bday set the room started filling up a little bit more thanks to his easy-to-listen-to house music with funky afro vibes to the true oldschool disco feeling. He really pumped up the room, which suddenly started to get crowded, and brought a variated set with just plain classy but subtle house beats. Hips started getting into their momentum as his set progressed. His sunny-shaped sunglasses pin-pointed the euphoric and enjoyable mood of his set.

Around 1 AM the king of the jungle, aka Kong opened an even more enervating set of house deliciousness. Unfortunately the sound skyrocketed up and the quality spiraled down: too much percussion and too little actual vibing basses. Faces frowned upon this and tried figuring out if it was just the output that was badly estimated by the DJ, or purely Kong who didn’t pay attention to the limiter. After the wild ape man made his way off the stage, the first feline wheedled his way to the DJ booth. It was time for Larry De Kat to put his mark on the night with a warm and analog sound. That was some funky catnip he was spreading! During this moment the room was completely filled and that’s when that enjoyable warm cosy house party feeling kicked in. The atmosphere went from overdosed to a calculated vibing smoothness and it started to become a house celebration worthy to remember.


After this first line of worthy house mixmasters it was time for the Utrecht based young label boss and producer Samuel Deep to hit the decks, the founder and co-owner of SlapFunk (by the way the 1st SlapFunk party ever was held to celebrate his birthday).  A fellow crate-digger, worthy to the decks, pitched the tempo upwards making the crowd get down and into the more techy en deep house variants. But even the boss is no match for the skilled yet playfulness of none other than the Sluwe Vos! Man what a sight to see, this cunning night creature didn’t seize to amaze one bit and fulfilled everyone’s expectations.

It truly was an honour to see him release his vibrant game on us party people. He played around the decks as if it was a vicious yet playful game between his fox alter ego and the prey he just caught between his paws. This was like witnessing passion first-hand. From kaleidoscopic transitions to soulful old-school house tracks, this set was rocking and giving the crowd not a single breath to come by. It was on. We haven’t seen far from last of this sly fox.

Around 5 AM no holds were barred. The epic SlapFunk B2B session was the perfect climax for this house celebration. The entire SlapFunk crew hit the deck playwise and the team of feline creatures and house mixmasters made us dance till the bitter end around 6.
A strict ending of a sick night, but the booming will nevertheless continue to go on and on.
We haven’t seen the last of the Anti Matter Crew and the roguish animals from Slap Funk Records. Lights out.

Written by Wim Kersbergen

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