Ben Solar – Big & Small EP


Formerly known as The Nutty Producer, Ben Solar is one of those talents that lots of people need to discover. Or to put in a metaphoric expression: it’s a rough diamond that needs to be polished, because how more you polish it, the better and nicer it gets. While having lots of releases in the past, this is the first one ever we have reviewed, and the label that brings us this EP is not very unknown: it’s the almighty Belgian trademark Bonzai Progressive. It’s a 4 track EP, and all the tracks are tech house with influences from both techno and minimal. Overall, all the tracks are on par when it comes to production value, sounding very clean and clear. When something needs to be mentioned, it’s the fact that all of the tracks are very melodic. Ben Solar knows how to create a dark atmosphere with just a few notes, leaning to an almost organic sound. The sublime use of voices now and then, with nice, deep basslines and minimalistic percussion, deliver a total package of tracks in Ben Solar characteristic style. For us, it’s an absolute bomb, and frankly, we think that this guy will surprise us with even better releases. Recommended!

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Written by: Pumpie

Ben Solar – Big & Small EP, 4.8 out of 5 based on 9 ratings
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