Bons & Lawish– Lost In Theory EP


In Limburg techno is not very present, however as always, you’ll find exceptions on this rule. Bons & Lawish is one of them. This duo breathes and thinks techno, and their fresh digitally released EP on Belgian label Crossfade Sounds, which is a sister label of Sound Avenue, only confirms this. This 3 track EP contains 2 remixes next to the original one. When listening to the original track, the story that the listener gets is pretty easy to get: it’s quite a dreamy voyage in to the analogue space of techno, guided by a voice that you might not really understand, but still gives your intuition the right hints what directions to follow. It’s only your entrance to the deeper side of techno and the remixes just continue to pull you into that universe. The “Full On Madness” remix made by the up and coming duo Dubbler, takes a different approach to the song, with an input that stays pretty dark and minimalistic, but sounds perfectly as a subtle follow up to the original mix. The second remix by Terje Saether, is the next level of this follow up. The viewpoint is a nice combo of old skoolish elektro and acid, where melody is the most important part of the song. Overall the analogue feel remains very present, and just completes this EP in style. If you dig deep techno, don’t look any further, this is what you need!

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Written by: Pumpie

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