Chronicles: a journey between space and techno


Since 2005, the Belgian techno scene has a player that has been growing to be one of the biggest techno parties around, Chronicles (formerly known as Liberty White: Chronicles) has become annually an event to which many people look forward to, because of the great selection of artists in the world of techno and hard techno. For the second time it was held in Kortrijk XPO, an enormous complex, and this time the number of rooms went from 2 to 4. The interstellar journey Chronicles promised to us was a tempting one, true to tradition there was of course a techno room, or for this event the Blue Planet, and a hard techno room, aka the Red Planet. The other rooms were the Green ‘Legends’ Planet, which contained Belgian strong techno values, and the acid-rich small, but more than cosy, Yellow Planet.


This edition was pretty different in terms of sound, comparing to previous editions. The reason for this was the absence of Funktion One, which always has been the brand-to-go for this party. Too bad for the ones that know how well Funktion One sounds, but since the available sound was decent enough to keep the crowd pleased, we can’t complain about it. The party started on the Blue Planet, where Trixy pulled out all the stops, kicking off with some soothing dark techno basslines and a little taste of what the night had yet to unfold to us, mere passengers throughout the duration of the big Chronicles journey. Followed up by none other than Massimo Mephisto. Both played very good sets and lots of bangers, and this journey couldn’t have a better start. Differing in styles, it’s still worth to say that they know how to transfer their passion for techno to the people that could witness them playing. As always with these events of worthy proportions the true ravers and techno minded folks at heart showed their support and passion by coming early and chanted loudly above the music installation determined to see their journey fulfilled until the very end.

Around 21 PM the Red Planet opened with a live set of the German duo Human Like Machines. When talking about BPM (beats per minute), this room would quite the fastest room at Chronicles, going around 145 and 155 BPM. The hard techno they played would only be the beginning of a series of hard beats. Next was DJ Neck who replaced Reload, who couldn’t attend because of health problems. This meant no e-drum, but still good music.


The Green Planet lifted off with the winner of the dj-contest Kony Donales. This room was the only room where a visual show would back up the sounds, and for this matter they had Maria Malika AtWork doing the job all night long. A mixture of self-made video recordings, with added effects that resulted in a horrendous experience, and sometimes quite shocking. It fitted the acid music perfectly, and created a dark atmosphere with success. Meanwhile Detroit-based producer Truncate played on the blue planet in his known style. Raw beats with a little wink to old Detroit techno while still sounding fresh. The stunning perfomances just keep coming when Viper XXL started to switch the Red Planet over to schranz and got that hard techno train rolling, and when Ortin Cam, played his comeback set in the Yellow Planet. Hard beats to harder beats, it possibly couldn’t get any better this time.


One of the greater highlights on the Red Planet is undeniably the set of Dualizers, playing right after the live set of Jan Fleck, which happened to be their very last play together, due to the fact that half of them has to stop with performing because of hearing problems. The Blue Planet was ruled by Robert Hood, where he continued to go further in the journey of contemporary techno. Unlike most of the times, when he plays fast Detroit techno, and where people know him the most for, his set was leaning mostly to a technically perfect set, filled with contemporary techno. He made the way clear for the boys of Karenn aka Blawan vs Pariah, who were performing a hardware only live set. Contrary to the fact that their productions are to be known to be very raw and hard, which is somehow the sound which is branded as “warehouse techno”, their live set was going on in the style that characterized the Blue Planet all night long.  The follow up by Ben Sims was very good too, but not as charming as this live set. On the Green Planet dutch acid hard techno powerhouse Miss Djax was breaking up the floor, although it might have been cool if she could break the walls, because at that moment, the acid room was way too small, as people were standing outside of it to take part of the experience. Mr Gasmask and after that acid veteran Rinse, were the last ones to play on the Green Planet. For the ones that know Rinse, his live sets are pretty hard, but mostly limted to one hour. This night, he could perform 2 hours, and he clearly experimented with other sounds, which affected the public in a very positive way. The Blue Planet had to make room for Perc, who played a very unique live set for the first time and for his album “The Power And The Glory”, starting off with soundings that were not very techno-like, going over into the industrial techno most people know him from. Fat performance, but not assigned to everyone. After that Double U Jay & Redhead closed the Blue Planet, until the moment that they have received the message of the police to end the night, and they played Public Energy – Three ‘o three, which summed up the night perfectly.


Not to forget was the aroma jockey ODO7, which was a nice addition to the line up, changing the usual smell of smoke and sweat into a nice, springtime-ish scent with different sweet variations. Although it wasn’t always noticeable, it still remains something very original. Other performances that are really good to mention are the ones of Pet Duo, Tom Hades, Manu Kenton, Frank Biazzi & Jamie Dill, Arkanoid, Acid Kirk, Greg Notill, and just everyone else on the line up. It was a very good night with many high quality performances and the people that attended clearly just wanted that the party went on endlessly. Too bad that is not possible, but let’s meet again next year, we just want more of you!

Written by Pumpie & Wim Kersbergen

Pics by Sander Goosen (Irregular)

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