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Denis Meyers has Brussels in his hands


Denis Meyers is a street art artist from Tournai but since a couple of years he makes Brussels his playing fields. His artwork is better known than his name and he became a major influence in the urban landscape of the city. But who is this guy?

For sure, everybody living in Brussels city has once seen an artwork of Denis Meyers. When you are walking on the street, you can’t help but noticing some of his finest art. Maybe if you were completely drunk at 3 AM near «La Grand Place » in Bruxelles but still. You are obviously pointed at the giant mural painting that Denis made for the worldwide association against AIDS. And if you’re constantly dropping by the bar at Flagey place you see what he did for the Duvel trademark in 2011.

In short, Dennis went to the school of arts La Cambre in Brussels where he lived in 00’s and learned graphic design and typography. The artist mixes different styles like screen process printing, stencilled ornamentation or paintbrush technics. His specificity is the fact that he draws big floating heads with large black features and a black point in the middle of the face. It is generally characterized by few basic colors like blue, red and grey. Sometimes, his characters look like him with long dark hair and a Chabal beard.

His influence is between graffiti, modern art, pop art and cartoon imagery. But another specificity is his personal typographic style. Every  letter is painted and totally deconstructed (you can easily recognize it). The spirit of mister Meyers is everywhere in town, you can see what he did in a large number of spots. For example: there are a lot of stickers on standard lamps, graffiti on the walls, even shopkeepers call him to decorate their windows and give a trendy touch with his fresh style.

The popularity of Denis Meyers grows each day and he works with an influent trademark. Some people even envy him and since a few weeks some people put stickers « sales ­‐0% » on his work. But hey! Everybody has an extra mouth to feed. Right. If you want to be among his friends and you like what he does, follow him on his official Facebook page. So, next time you’re walking through the Brussels’ streets, keep your eyes wide open, maybe Denis Meyers is passing by in your neighborhood.


Written by Sébastien Theys

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