Fuse on the Beach – 2nd edition 2013


The second edition of Fuse on the Beach this year sold out, just like the first one.  Named “The techno edition” it spoke for itself which music you could expect. Also, Fuse is well known to be a techno club, and this night would confirm it, albeit not in their home residence. Marcel Dettmann and Blawan were headlining, marking Fuse on the Beach as the place to be tonight for the technolovers, and since it was the first time I would see them, I was pretty siked too.


Around 11:00 PM, I arrived at the venue. One thing was quite remarkable: the sound had been improving in comparison with the past edition. The acoustics of the venue are a disadvantage for the quality of the sound, but nevertheless, the organization did their best to make the experience as great as possible for all the people. Like last time, the possibility to enjoy the music without the breathtaking heat inside the venue was there, as they had put some speakers outside. With the knowledge of the party being sold out which meant the place would be packed, this was a good and necessary thing.


The first artist I heard playing was A. Brehme (I missed Pierre’s performance).He played techno as it should be, nothing more to add. After him the other resident of the Fuse took over the decks: Deg. His set wasn’t quite as steady as the one of his predecessor, containing ups and downs, but it was still a good mix. Then Marcel Dettmann came in to play, and that lightened up the crowd. Every techno lover knows him, one of the residents of the famous Berlin club Berghain, and just one of the bigger players of the contemporary techno scene. He started off flawlessly and very energetic. But after the first 20 minutes it felt to me like that his set was less and less powerful, yet it was obvious that Marcel Dettmann is a very skilled DJ.


Around 3:00 AM Blawan started to play. He was by far the one I looked forward to the most. At the moment he’s one of the most promising performers in the world of techno, and his collaborations with industrial techno king Surgeon in the project called “Trade”, and with Pariah in “Karenn”, both sounding like the roughest techno you ever might have heard, just confirm that this guy is a genius. Knowing from his sets that he could vary in the style of his mixing on one side, and his productions do have an own genuine sound, I couldn’t tell what to expect tonight. The only thing I really knew for sure was that he would play a vinyl set. In the beginning his mix sounded quite unsure, but once he took off he kept mixing one banger after another, silently speeding up the tempo, and the people loved him. In terms of energy you could say it went exponential. One thing is sure: listening to a set of Blawan is like opening a surprise box: it’s a good surprise or it’s a excellent surprise. Either way, you’ll always get something good.


The crowd had a decent night, but to me the Fuse itself is a lot better in terms of atmosphere. The organization can move the party to another venue, with another sound, and label it with Fuse, but is that a guarantee for an experience equal to the one you get in the club itself? The opinions expressed by public & friends are divided, but after all it looked like everyone had a good time and that’s all what counts!

Written by Pumpie

Pictures by Ludovic Thysebaert

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