Sailing of the grid – Petar Dundov


The Croatian producer Petar Dundov might be best known as a producer of wondrous, melodically complex techno – but as revealed on his first two albums ‘Escapements‘ and ‘Ideas From The Pond‘, his ambitions and ta- lents as a musician are considerably more expansive than simply servicing the dancefloor. Dundov’s third LP, ‘Sailing Off The Grid‘, expands on the lush, intricate synth explorations of his previous two releases, but sees him delve further still into those realms, invoking the spirit of classic ambient and synth-based music of decades gone by. While the album spans just eight tracks, each track clocks in over seven minutes, and some almost double that length. Each is slow-burning, expansive, gradually unfolding to reveal more of itself and to develop its motifs and sentiments without the often hurried constraints of the dancefloor (or even more so, the radio). This is an album to be consumed in its entirety; not for those with short attention spans or iPod playlists on their mind.

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