Seba Lecompte – Eye To Eye EP


Seba Lecompte is a name that has been wide spread over the Belgian scene of house and techno. With a residence for about 12 years in the infamous Decadance in Ghent, and being the driving force behind long running concepts like Bang The Box, it’s a sure thing that he is well established as a dj. He has been in the game as a producer for about 10 years (his first release was the Wings of Sound EP in 2004), while releasing something now and then. Eye To Eye EP is his debut at Recode Musik, featuring 3 tracks made by himself and a remix made by Dimitri Andreas. With that remix of Eye To Eye and Sanbal Samba being the highlights of the EP, the production value of this EP will satisfy all the fans of good techno and tech house. That’s right, both factions could favour this release because Seba Lecompte knows how to create the perfect synergy between these 2 styles. With ingredients like melodic basslines of tech house and raw percussion of techno, he cooks something very pleasing to the ear, inviting your feet to dance if they aren’t doing that already. With that said, we’re pretty sure that there will come even more of this music, and therefore, people should keep an eye on him, while listening to this EP, like we do!

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Written by: Pumpie

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