SIRKUS w DINKY (CHILI – Visionquest) @ DE KREUN (Kortrijk)

SIRKUS w DINKY (CHILI – Visionquest) @ DE KREUN (Kortrijk)

SIRKUS w DINKY (CHILI – Visionquest) @ DE KREUN (Kortrijk)

start 2015-03-21 @ 23:00

end 1970-01-01 @ 01:00

locationDe Kreun in Kortrijk

Ladies and gentleman, Children of all ages,

KORTRIJK.. :) We have an announcement for you.. :) An announcement filled with laughter, joy, love and amazement. We are very glad to tell you that on MARCH 21st SIRKUS is coming to YOU! :D

On MARCH 21th your SIRKUS is setting up sail again, and this time in – DE KREUN (KORTRIJK) – :D And by now, you probably know what that means.. :)

● Line-up:

- DINKY – (Visionquest, Crosstown Rebels – DE)

- FRED HUSH (Relief Records, KING KONG CLUB – BE)
- Svemirski – (Tomorrowland, Coincidence Records – BE)
- Benji – (Sirkus, Krush Club – BE)
- Nukov & Yelmet – (Sirkus, Cirque Belgique – BE)

You might know Sirkus by now.. Sirkus is the place where you can fly high, run free, go wild, be crazy… Sirkus is the place where everything goes and everything can happen! No restrictions, no rules, just a lot of craziness with a lot of crazy people…

Party non stop in a crazy atmosphere.. We have our own rules.. ;) Don’t expect less, expect MORE! :)

C U on MARCH 21st, and expect something crazy, freaky, BIG! ;)


● Event info:

- Date: MARCH 21st
- Place to be: DE KREUN (Kortrijk)
- Doors: 23h ’till VERY late ;)

C U guys @ DE KREUN (Kortrijk)

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